Tied Up, Tied Down

Tied Up, Tied Down

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  He said, “That’s a fine choice, me hearty lass,” and started toward her.

  “I’m going. But I don’t mind telling you I’m a little nervous. ”

  “You should be, darlin’, ’cause I am a force to be reckoned with when it comes to ropes. ” To prove it, he snapped one rope low to the floor, and a crack reverberated through the air, loud as a gunshot.

  Skylar took off like a bullet.

  Kade waited a full five minutes before he followed her, as he let the scenarios run in his head.

  Nothing painful. Nothing degrading. Nothing but her at his mercy.

  A dark thrill zipped through him, potent as whiskey.

  The bedroom door was ajar. Lamplight spilled across the carpet into the hallway. No candles. He’d been half-afraid candles would cast the room with a dungeon-like vibe and he didn’t want her to be scared. Kade wanted Skylar turned on beyond compare.

  She sat in the middle of the bed, knees drawn up to her chest, eyeing the ropes attached to the wooden posts, not with curiosity, or fear, but with resignation.

  Before Kade spoke, or touched her, Skylar blurted, “You aren’t going to whip me are you?”

  “Not unless you aren’t cooperatin’. ”


  He chuckled and placed his hands on her tense shoulders. “No whippin’s, sweetheart, I promise. I’d never hurt you. Lay back. ” When she didn’t obey right away, he nudged her.

  Kade stretched her arms in a “Y”, taking the opportunity to feel that soft, warm flesh beneath his callused hands. He tied her left wrist first, then her right and moved down to tie each of her ankles. He sat back and admired Skylar spread-eagled before him.

  “Don’t strain against the ropes or you’ll get a nasty rope burn. ”

  “Easy to say, not so easy to do when you’re touching me like that. ”

  “I haven’t even started touchin’ you. ”

  He crawled up her body. Bracing himself on all fours above her, Kade kissed her.

  And kissed her. And kept kissing her until she relaxed into the mattress.

  He pushed up on his knees and whipped off his shirt. As he returned to softly brush his lips over her cheeks and eyes and forehead and temple, he allowed her nipples fleeting contact with the hair on his chest.

  Skylar moaned softly. “I like that. ”

  “I know. ” He kept the same amount of friction on her breasts as his mouth journeyed down her throat. Scraping his teeth over the graceful arch. “Have I ever told you how much I love your neck? But especially this spot right here. ” Kade traced his tongue up her collarbone. “You usually push me away. Drives you so crazy that you can’t stand it.

  Hard to push me away when you don’t have use of your hands, ain’t it?”

  “Yes. ”

  “Could you come like this? If I suck—” he let his breath drift above the area, “—

  right here?” Kade lightly flickered his tongue on the magic spot, sank his teeth into that tempting flesh and sucked hard until she bucked into him.

  “Oh God. ”

  Kade smiled against her throat, continuing to use his breath and lips and tongue and teeth. The only places he touched her were the tips of her nipples rubbing on his chest and his mouth on her neck. He’d tease her and retreat until a fine sheen of sweat coated her skin and he could smell that sweet, sweet cream gathered between her trembling thighs.

  He hopped off the bed.

  Skylar lifted her head. “Where are you going?”

  “When you’re naked and at my mercy? No place. ” Kade stripped off his remaining clothes. He reached for the spare ropes and brought them back on the bed.

  “What are those for?”

  “You’ll see. ” He took the thickest one, a tan rope about two inches in diameter, made of coarsely twisted twine and snapped it between his hands. “Close your eyes. ”


  “Nothin’ to be scared of, I promise. ”

  The moment her eyes were shut, Kade dragged the rope over her naked body.

  Starting with the underside of her arms. Winding it around her tits. Across her belly.

  Between her hips. Knowing by the way her spine arched she enjoyed the contrasting tactile sensations of the bristly rope sliding against her soft skin. He didn’t rush. The weight and texture of the rope left light pink stripes from her neck to her knees.

  Kade swirled the softly frayed end over her clit.

  “That tickles. ”

  “I must not be doin’ it right then. ” He flicked faster. “Better?”

  “Uh-huh. ” He kept up the movement until her thighs became rigid and she cried out,

  “Oh God, oh, don’t stop. ”

  He pinched her left nipple as she started to come, and she bucked her hips up, begging for more than the feather light touch of the rope—his fingers, his mouth, his cock. He watched her self-consciousness disappear as she lost herself in her body’s response.

  Finally she opened her eyes. “Wow. You are good with ropes. ”

  “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, baby. ” He tossed the thick rope to the floor and picked up the lighter, white cotton one.

  “Kade. What—”

  “Relax. ” He crawled off the end of the bed and stood between her spread-eagled legs. He slithered the thinner, softer rope down the tops of her thighs, from the crease of her hip to her kneecap. Up and down. Back and forth. When he journeyed further south and touched her toes, she jerked hard. He murmured, “Are your feet ticklish?”

  “Ah. Yes. ”

  Kade threaded the rope through each one of her toes. Then he gently pulled the rope as his mouth connected with the vulnerable skin on her foot just inside her ankle. He tongued and suckled, while swirling the rope through her outstretched toes.

  Her leg shook and her chest rose and fell rapidly.

  Good thing Sky was tied up, otherwise she’d be kicking him in the face. He said,

  “Time for the other foot. ”

  “Stop. I-I can’t take it. ”

  Kade ignored her. This time after winding the rope through her toes, he nibbled the top of her foot as he tugged, lightly licking the tips of her cute little piggies. He watched as gooseflesh rippled up her calves. When his gaze reached above her knee, he noticed the inside of her thighs were wet and slick with her juices.

  He abandoned the rope with a growl. He flattened himself between her legs, slapped his palms on the inside of her thighs and set his mouth on her. Feasting on her moist, soft folds. Inserting one finger into her pussy, then two, then three. Feeling her cunt muscles pulse around his fingers as they plunged deep. Losing himself in the taste of her against his lips and tongue, her essence flowing down the back of his throat. Her scent settling on his skin, filling his lungs. His head, his heart, and his soul rejoiced with her pleading cries and sexy moans as Sky repeated, please Kade over and over. Kade hummed as he sucked her clit and she came in a gush of sweet, sticky warmth.

  When she quit thrashing and throbbing, she lifted her flushed face to look at him, still lying between her legs. Kade licked his lips and said, “Mmm. I love doin’ that to you. I love that you’re tied up and I can do anything I want. I love…”

  You. Baby, I love you so damn much it’s killin’ me to keep it inside. I wanna tell you.

  I wanna whisper it in your ear while I’m lovin’ you. I wanna shout it to the world.

  “Kade? You okay?”

  “Yeah. Why?”

  “You never finished the sentence. You love, what?”

  Kade stared at the two spots of color the last orgasm had left on her cheekbones. Was that hope shining in her eyes? Or fear? Rather than chance ruining the moment, he grinned cagily. “I love that you’re gonna return the favor right now, darlin’. ”

  He shimmied up her body, placing his knees on either side of her ribs. “I’ve got a hankerin’ to do a
little sixty-nine action with you, but it’d be a mite difficult without usin’ your hands. ” He ran his knuckles down the smooth skin of her face. “Ever had a tongue in your pussy while you were suckin’ on a cock?”

  She shook her head.

  “Ever had your tits fucked?”

  Again, she shook her head.

  “These are perfect. Watch. ” Kade cupped her breasts in his hands and clasped them together tightly. “Arch up, baby, yeah, just like that. ” He slid his dick in the valley of her cleavage and grunted. “That’s good. ” While strumming her nipples, he rocked his hips, slowly sliding in, dragging the sensitive underside of his cock over the hard bone at the base of her throat, then pulling back and surrounding his rock-hard shaft with soft, warm tightness. It was sexy as hell seeing the dark purple head of his cock vanishing into the creamy white flesh and peeping out the other side.

  His eyes met hers. “Do you like this?”

  “It’s okay. I don’t think I’d like you coming on my face. ”

  “Oh, I’m not gonna come on you. I’m gonna come in you. ” He shifted back. “I want your mouth on me now. ”

  Nodding, Skylar licked her lips.

  “Tastin’ you has got me so turned on. With as close as I am to blowin’, this is gonna be a little rougher than last time. ” He reached for the headboard with one hand and held his cock in the other as he angled his pelvis over her face. “Open up. ”

  She flicked her sassy tongue across the slit bubbling over with pre-come.

  The tip of his cock passed over her teeth and her lips closed around the head.

  Instantly, the wet heat made his whole body shake. “That’s it. Don’t arch your neck. Take me in. All of it. ”

  A devilish gleam entered her eyes and she hummed around his knob. It sent an electric charge straight to balls.

  “Jesus, Sky, you tryin’ to make me shoot first thing?”

  Her head bobbed, warmth enveloped his dick, followed by a cool rush of air as she released him. Time and time again. Her mouth moved up and down the length in a continuous slide of heat and wetness.