Tied Up, Tied Down

Tied Up, Tied Down

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  Chapter Thirteen

  Skylar said yes.

  Sure as hell not what Kade expected, but he wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

  At best, he’d imagined her trying to negotiate a different scenario. At worst, well, it involved her seeking revenge by tying him up to the four-poster bed.

  That fantasy had taken on a life of its own the last couple days. In his triple X

  version, Skylar wore PVC, blood red lipstick and a lewd smile as she disciplined him.

  Both his folks showed up to watch Eliza. His dad wasn’t the type to go gaga over kids. Kade doubted Calvin McKay had changed a diaper in his life. So it really shocked him when his gruff pops plopped down, eager to hold his granddaughter.

  “Why you starin’ at me, son?”

  “Just wonderin’—”

  “—if I know anything about babies?” His dad smiled. “Been awhile, but we did have two boys at once, so I’ve done my fair share of holdin’ and rockin’ and feedin’ babies. ”

  Kade hadn’t considered that. “Well, call me on my cell if you need anything. We’ll be back in an hour. ”

  “Take your time,” Kimi said. “Have fun, we’ll be fine. ”

  Skylar seemed reluctant to go.

  Kade skimmed his hand down her arm, threading their fingers together. “I wouldn’t leave her, or ask you to leave her if I thought there’d be a problem. ”

  “I know. ”

  “The clock is tickin’. I want you. ” He nuzzled her ear. “I want to feel your mouth on me. ” They wended their way through campers, horse trailers and trucks. For once he didn’t run into anyone he knew, so he wasn’t forced to make small talk.

  Which was a good thing. His brain was stuck on the image of Skylar looking up at him with his cock deep in her throat.

  At Colt’s horse trailer, he lightly rapped on the door to the sleeping quarters. “Colt?

  You in there?”

  No answer.

  Kade removed the key and unlocked the door. Skylar stepped up first and he followed. After he pulled the shades and flipped the inside lock, he reached for her.

  She melted into him, into the steamy kiss. He sensed a change in her, an acceptance.

  It’d be easy to back off and be the undemanding, patient lover he’d been in the past. But he wanted so much more. For both of them. And he didn’t want to wait.

  His lips slipped to her ear. “On your knees. ”

  She didn’t even hesitate. She used her hands on his body to support herself on her way down until she was kneeling.

  “That’s real good. Now undo my belt. ”

  A couple of tugs and the heavy buckle hung by his right hip and the strap by his left hip. She started on the zipper without asking. If he really was a controlling bastard, he’d point out she hadn’t followed his instructions. Instead he watched as she let her instincts take over.

  Zipper undone, Kade peeled the Wranglers and boxers down his legs until they hit the tops of his boots. The tail of his long shirt covered his erection, and he hastily unbuttoned it so there were no barriers between them.

  Skylar inhaled sharply at the sight of his hard cock slapping against his belly. “I’ll warn you. I’ve never been very good at this. ”

  “Let me decide that. ”

  “Just don’t judge me too harshly. ”

  “I’d never judge. ” He tenderly brushed the hair from her forehead. “I’m gonna love everything you do to me. Touch me, sweetheart. Please. ”

  She didn’t grab the stiff rod, instead, she delicately cupped his balls. He groaned as she rolled the tight sac between her slender fingers like she was weighing dice. Then with deliberate care, she swept her thumb up center of his dick, allowing her nail to gently scrape under the rim of the swollen cockhead.

  His cock twitched shamelessly for her attention.

  Sky feathered her thumb through the fluid leaking from the tip. Loosely curling her fingers around his girth, she started to stroke.

  Kade palmed the side of her face, bringing her mouth closer. “No hands yet. Mouth first. Lick it. ”

  That pink tongue shot out and lapped at the vein throbbing up the length of his cock, from his tight balls to the tip. And slowly back down. And back up. On the last, gradual, wet pass, she wrapped her lips around the cockhead and sucked.

  “Oh yeah. More. Suck it in. ”

  Her tentative hands inched up his thighs. He looked down to see her full lips separate to impart the intimate kiss. Bit by bit his cock disappeared into the warm haven of her mouth.

  Kade hissed.

  Encouraged by his moans, she took him deeper with each teasing wet glide, her movements more rhythmic, more confident. The tip of her tongue flicked the sweet spot below the slit as he pulled out, making his breath stutter and his head spin like an unbalanced tractor tire.

  She offered him a secret smile, sucked intently and that wicked tongue flickered all over the good spots she’d discovered.

  Tingles raced up the back of his thighs like a thousand electric fingers. If he closed his eyes, he’d fall on his ass. The sensation of her avid mouth, the scrape of her teeth, the curl of her tongue working his cock were mind blowing. Shutting his eyes meant not seeing this earthy, sexy woman learning to pleasure him. Watching her discover that pleasing her lover was as powerful and freeing as being on the receiving end of complete sexual attention.

  His balls tightened. “You’re keepin’ me nice ’n wet. It’s so fuckin’ hot feelin’ your mouth all warm and slippery. You like doin’ this to me, doncha?”

  Skylar nodded even as her head bobbed.

  “See how deep you can take me. ”

  She breathed through her nose as he eased in until her lips were pressed to his pelvis and he was buried in that beautiful throat.

  “Yes. ” He withdrew. “Again. ” His damn knees shook with the need to come. He returned to shallow, quick strokes. Kade grabbed her right hand and circled it around his dick at the base. He lifted her chin so he could see her eyes. “Jesus. You should see the look on your face. So goddamn wanton you steal my breath, woman. ” He swept his thumb across the tantalizing line of her jawbone. “Stroke me with your hand while you’re suckin’ me. ”

  “Like this?” She pumped his shaft from root halfway up the length a couple of times.

  “Not so tight. There. Christ. Like that. Oh fuck, exactly like that. ”

  When Sky brought her mouth into play with her hands, the hot, wet suctioning concentration on the sensitive cockhead, he began to bump his hips, needing this submission from her. He threaded his fingers into her soft hair and the cool scent of rain-soaked flowers, an aroma uniquely hers, filled his lungs.

  “God your mouth is so… Almost there. Faster. Yeah. Come on come on come on.

  Shit. There it is, open, wider, ahh, yes. Suck. More. Harder. ” Kade resisted thrusting deep into her throat by releasing her hair and clenching his fists at his sides. His head fell back as liquid fire shot out of his balls and up his throbbing shaft. His cock spasmed in hot bursts on her tongue that slid down her throat as she gulped every spurt.

  Sheer heaven.

  After the last pulse tapered off, Skylar let him slip from her mouth. She nuzzled his thigh and kissed the vulnerable skin between his hipbones on her way to rub her cheek against the inside of his other leg.

  “Skylar. ”

  “Hmm. ”

  He looked at her as she stared up at him. “You’re beautiful. ”

  Her lips were fuller, redder, and ripe for kissing. They were also curved into what resembled a smirk.

  “Why you smirkin’ at me?”

  “Because I never liked doing that before. Never thought I was very good at it. ”

  He murmured, “I beg to disagree. ”

  “It was different with you, Kade. ”

  “Why do you think that is, sweetheart?”
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  “Because you told me exactly what you wanted. ”

  “Is that all?”

  She thought about it and shook her head.

  “You got nothin’ to lose by bein’ honest. ”

  “The truth is, sucking you off, making you go a little crazy, knowing I was taking you there was as much of a turn on for me as it was for you. ”

  Her admission made him grin like a loon. “You still turned on?”

  “Unbelievably. ”

  He lifted her to her feet. She insisted on helping him get redressed, not in a sexual way, but in a sweetly intimate way. Buttoning, smoothing, straightening his shirt across his chest. The kind of fussy motions a wife might perform for her husband.

  Kade managed a husky, “C’mere. ” He clamped his hands on her ass to make sure she stayed put. He took his time kissing her, loving the way she unconsciously rubbed and arched into him. After indulging himself with a thorough taste of her too-tempting neck, he whispered, “I want you imaginin’ all the places I’m gonna touch you tonight when we get home. However I please. Wherever I please. As long as I please. You wonderin’ where I’ll start?”

  “Yes. ”

  “Could be I’ll spread you across the back of the couch and lick you from here—”

  Kade ran his thumbs from her tailbone up to her nape, “—to here. ”

  She shivered and released a tiny moan.

  “Maybe I’ll start with bitin’ your toes. Or maybe I’ll be so crazy to feel your pretty snatch grippin’ my cock that I’ll pin you to the floor in the hallway and fuck your brains out. Right there on that flowered rug. ” He blew in her ear. “No matter what scenario I choose, Skylar, remember I get to decide when you come. Not you. ”

  “Oh. ”

  “I can tell you want to come right now. Can’t you almost feel my fingers strokin’ your wet pussy? One, then two pushin’ deep? You ridin’ my hand so my palm is teasin’ your clit? Your moans are urgin’ me to go faster, to press harder, to sink deeper?” His teeth lightly scored the outside of her ear. “Are you throbbin’ between your legs?”

  “God. Kade. Please. ”