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  I shook my head, “I’m twenty-five, not forty. I hate it. Take it back. ”

  He pulled me back, “Princess, you have to check it out before you hate it. There’s a damned movie theatre in there. ”

  I tilted my head, “You are a liar. ”

  His voice rose, “I swear to God, it’s a fucking movie theatre. ”

  My hand shot out, pointing at him, “What did I say about swearing?”

  He put his hands out, “Deep breaths. Just take deep breaths. ” He dragged me to the van and opened the large, sliding door. He shoved me inside gently, since I was liable to burst. I climbed into the seat. He started the van and turned on the air conditioning. It blew down on me from the roof. He pressed buttons and instantly Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas started to play.

  I gave him a look. He shrugged, “We don’t have kids movies yet. ”

  I watched the movie and nestled into the chair. I sighed and gave him a look, “This is pretty cool. ”

  He leaned in for a kiss, “So when I leave tomorrow for London, you’ll take it for a drive. Get used to being in a mommy mobile?”

  I sneered, “Don’t call it that. ”

  He laughed, “Baby steps. ”

  I pointed at the screen, “That I like. ”

  He nodded, “I told you. I’m having a rockin’ week. Double platinum for our first non indie album and now this sweet ride. ” I rolled my eyes but he leaned in, brushing his lips against mine, “Did I also tell you how pretty you are and how lucky I am?”

  I shook my head, “Not today. ”

  His eyes narrowed but I could see myself in them still. I had a feeling, I always would. He got that sexy grin and I shook my head again, “Not in the minivan. The kids are going to sit back here. Ewww. ”

  He laughed, “Kids? You already planning the next one?”

  I nodded, “Yeah. We can’t have one, they’re always, well look at Leon. He’s so… no. I need at least two, but then I was thinking since you, Alex, and Lissie are so sweet together, we should have three. ”

  He kissed my nose, “One day at a time. You and your plans. Now come in the house, so I can show you how pretty I think you are before we take this minivan for a spin. ”

  I followed him inside, I would have followed him anywhere.

  That’s my side

  The end

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