Harry Potter and the Cursed Child/9

  But no, what's this . . . Cedric Diggory is ascending out of the water and seemingly out of the competition. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, we don't have our winner but we certainly have our loser. Cedric Diggory is turning into a balloon, and this balloon wants to fly. Fly, ladies and gentlemen, fly. Fly out of the task and out of the tournament and -- oh my, it gets wilder still, around Cedric, fireworks explode declaiming -- "Ron loves Hermione" -- and the crowd love that -- oh, ladies and gentlemen, the look on Cedric's face. It's quite some picture, it's quite some sight, it's quite some tragedy. This is a humiliation, there's no other word for it.

  And ALBUS smiles widely and high-fives SCORPIUS in the water.

  And ALBUS points up, and SCORPIUS nods, and they start to swim ever upwards. And as CEDRIC ascends, people start to laugh, and everything changes.

  The world becomes darker. The world becomes almost black, in fact.

  And there's a flash. And a bang. And the Time-Turner ticks to a stop. And we're back in the present.

  SCORPIUS suddenly emerges, shooting up through the water. And he's triumphant.

  SCORPIUS: Woooo-hoooooo!

  He looks around, surprised. Where's ALBUS? He puts his arms into the air.

  We did it!

  He waits another beat.


  ALBUS still doesn't emerge. SCORPIUS treads water, he thinks and then he ducks back into the water.

  He emerges back up again. Now thoroughly panicked. He looks around.

  Albus . . . ALBUS . . . ALBUS.

  And there's a whisper in Parseltongue. Which travels fast around the audience.

  He's coming. He's coming. He's coming.

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: Scorpius Malfoy. Get out of the lake. Get out of the lake. Right now.

  She pulls him out of the water.

  SCORPIUS: Miss. I need help. Please, Miss.

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: Miss? I'm Professor Umbridge, the headmistress of your school, I'm no "Miss."

  SCORPIUS: You're the headmistress? But I . . .

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: I am the headmistress, and however important your family may be -- it doesn't give you an excuse to dillydally, to mess about.

  SCORPIUS: There's a boy in this lake. You need to get help. I'm looking for my friend, Miss. Professor. Headmaster. One of Hogwarts's students, Miss. I'm looking for Albus Potter.

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: Potter? Albus Potter? There's no such student. In fact, there hasn't been a Potter at Hogwarts for years -- and that boy didn't turn out so well. Not so much rest in peace, Harry Potter, more rest in perpetual despair. Total troublemaker.

  SCORPIUS: Harry Potter's dead?

  Suddenly from around the auditorium, the feel of a breath of the wind. Some black robes arise around people. Black robes that become black shapes. That become dementors.

  Flying dementors through the auditorium. These black deadly shapes, these black deadly forces. They are everything to be feared. And they suck the spirit from the room.

  The wind continues. This is hell. And then, right from the back of the room, whispering around everyone.

  Words said with an unmistakable voice. The voice of VOLDEMORT . . .

  Haaarry Pottttter.

  HARRY's dream has come to life.

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: Have you swallowed something funny in there? Become a Mudblood without any of us noticing? Harry Potter died over twenty years ago as part of that failed coup on the school -- he was one of those Dumbledore terrorists we bravely overthrew at the Battle of Hogwarts. Now come along -- I don't know what game you're playing but you're upsetting the dementors and entirely ruining Voldemort Day.

  And the Parseltongue whispers grow louder and louder. Grow monstrously loud. And giant banners with snake symbols upon them descend over the stage.

  SCORPIUS: Voldemort Day?

  We cut to black.



  SCORPIUS enters the office of DOLORES UMBRIDGE. He is dressed in darker, blacker robes. He has a pensive look on his face. He remains coiled and alert.

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: Scorpius. Thank you so much for coming to see me.

  SCORPIUS: Headmistress.

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: Scorpius, I've thought for a long time that you have Head Boy potential, as you know. Pure-blooded, a natural leader, wonderfully athletic . . .

  SCORPIUS: Athletic?

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: No need to be modest, Scorpius. I've seen you on the Quidditch pitch, there's rarely a Snitch you don't catch. You are a highly valued student. Valued by the faculty. Valued especially by me. I've positively glowed about you in dispatches to the Augurey. Our work together flushing out the more dilettante students has made this school a safer, purer place --

  SCORPIUS: Has it?

  There is the sound of a scream from off. SCORPIUS turns towards it. But he dismisses the thought. He must and he will control himself.

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: But in the three days since I found you in that lake on Voldemort Day, you've become . . . odder and odder. In particular, this sudden obsession with Harry Potter . . .

  SCORPIUS: I don't . . .

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: Questioning everyone you can about the Battle of Hogwarts. How Potter died. Why Potter died. And this ludicrous fascination with Cedric Diggory. Scorpius, we've checked you for hexes and curses -- there were none we can see -- so I'm asking if there's anything I can do -- to restore you to what you were . . .

  SCORPIUS: No. No. Consider me restored. Temporary aberration. That's all.

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: So we can continue our work together?

  SCORPIUS: We can.

  She puts her hand to her heart, and touches her wrists together.

  DOLORES UMBRIDGE: For Voldemort and Valor.

  SCORPIUS (trying to copy): For -- um -- yes.



  KARL JENKINS: Hey, Scorpion King.

  SCORPIUS is high-fived, it's painful, he takes it.

  YANN FREDERICKS: We're still on, right, tomorrow night?

  KARL JENKINS: Because we are ready to spill some proper Mudblood guts.

  POLLY CHAPMAN: Scorpius.

  POLLY CHAPMAN is standing on the stairs, SCORPIUS turns towards her, surprised to hear her say his name.

  SCORPIUS: Polly Chapman?

  POLLY CHAPMAN: Shall we cut to it? I know everyone is waiting to know who you're going to ask because, you know, you need to ask someone and I've been asked by three people already and I know I'm not alone in refusing them all. In case, you know, you were to ask me.

  SCORPIUS: Right.

  POLLY CHAPMAN: Which would be great. If you were interested. Which rumor is -- you are. And I just want to make clear -- at this moment -- that I am also interested. And that isn't a rumor. That's a -- f-a-c-t -- fact.

  SCORPIUS: That's um -- great but -- what are we talking about?

  POLLY CHAPMAN: The Blood Ball, of course. Who you -- the Scorpion King -- are taking to the Blood Ball.

  SCORPIUS: You -- Polly Chapman -- want me to take you to a -- ball?

  There is the sound of screaming behind him.

  What is that screaming?

  POLLY CHAPMAN: Mudbloods, of course. In the dungeons. Your idea, wasn't it? What's going on with you? Oh Potter, I've got blood on my shoes again . . .

  She bends and carefully cleans the blood off her shoes.

  Like the Augurey insists -- the future is ours to make -- so here I am, making a future -- with you. For Voldemort and Valor.

  SCORPIUS: For Voldemort it is.

  POLLY walks on, SCORPIUS looks agonized after her. What is this world -- and what is he within it?



  DRACO is impressive in a way we haven't seen. He has the smell of power about him. Flying down either side of the room are Augurey flags -- with the bird emblazoned in a fascistic manner.

  DRACO: You are late.
r />
  SCORPIUS: This is your office?

  DRACO: You are late and unapologetic, maybe you are determined to compound the problem.

  SCORPIUS: You're Head of Magical Law Enforcement?

  DRACO: How dare you! How dare you embarrass me and keep me waiting and then not apologize for it!

  SCORPIUS: Sorry.

  DRACO: Sir.

  SCORPIUS: Sorry, sir.

  DRACO: I did not bring you up to be sloppy, Scorpius. I did not bring you up to humiliate me at Hogwarts.

  SCORPIUS: Humiliate you, sir?

  DRACO: Harry Potter, asking questions about Harry Potter, of all the embarrassing things. How dare you disgrace the Malfoy name.

  SCORPIUS: Oh no. Are you responsible? No. No. You can't be.

  DRACO: Scorpius . . .

  SCORPIUS: The Daily Prophet today -- three wizards blowing up bridges to see how many Muggles they can kill with one blast -- is that you?

  DRACO: Be very careful.

  SCORPIUS: The "Mudblood" death camps, the torture, the burning alive of those that oppose him. How much of that is you? Mum always told me that you were a better man than I could see, but this is what you really are, isn't it? A murderer, a torturer, a --

  DRACO rises up and pulls SCORPIUS hard onto the table. The violence is surprising and deadly.

  DRACO: Do not use her name in vain, Scorpius. Do not score points that way. She deserves better than that.

  SCORPIUS says nothing, horrified and scared. DRACO reads this. He lets go of SCORPIUS's head. He doesn't like hurting his son.

  And no, those idiots blasting Muggles, that's not my doing, though it'll be me the Augurey asks to bribe the Muggle Prime Minister with gold . . . Did your mother really say that of me?

  SCORPIUS: She said that Grandfather didn't like her very much -- opposed the match -- thought she was too Muggle-loving -- too weak -- but that you defied him for her. She said it was the bravest thing she'd ever seen.

  DRACO: She made being brave very easy, your mother.

  SCORPIUS: But that was -- another you.

  He looks at his dad, who looks back with a frown.

  I've done bad things, you've done worse. What have we become, Dad?

  DRACO: We haven't become anything -- we simply are as we are.

  SCORPIUS: The Malfoys. The family you can always rely on to make the world a murkier place.

  This hits home with DRACO. He looks carefully at SCORPIUS.

  DRACO: This business at the school -- what's inspired it?

  SCORPIUS: I don't want to be who I am.

  DRACO: And what's brought that on?

  SCORPIUS desperately thinks for a way of describing his story.

  SCORPIUS: I've seen myself in a different way.

  DRACO: You know what I loved most about your mother? She could always help me find light in the darkness. She made the world -- my world, anyway -- less -- what was the word you used -- "murky."

  SCORPIUS: Did she?

  DRACO studies his son.

  DRACO: There's more of her in there than I thought.

  Beat. He looks at SCORPIUS carefully.

  Whatever you're doing -- do it safely. I can't lose you too.

  SCORPIUS: Yes. Sir.

  DRACO looks at his son one last time -- trying to understand his head.

  DRACO: For Voldemort and Valor.

  SCORPIUS looks at him and backs out of the room.

  SCORPIUS: For Voldemort and Valor.



  SCORPIUS enters the library and starts desperately to look through books. He finds a history book.

  SCORPIUS: How did Cedric become a Death Eater? What have I missed? Find me some -- light in the darkness. Tell me your secrets. What have I missed?

  CRAIG BOWKER JR.: Why are you here?

  SCORPIUS turns to look at a rather desperate-looking CRAIG, his clothes tattered and worn.

  SCORPIUS: Why can't I be here?

  CRAIG BOWKER JR.: It's not ready yet. I'm working as fast as I can. But Professor Snape sets so much of it, and writing the essay in two different ways. I mean, I'm not complaining . . . Sorry.

  SCORPIUS: Start again. From the beginning. What's not ready?

  CRAIG BOWKER JR.: Your Potions homework. And I'm happy to do it -- grateful even -- and I know you hate homework and books and I never let you down, you know that.

  SCORPIUS: I hate homework?

  CRAIG BOWKER JR.: You're the Scorpion King. Of course you hate homework. What are you doing with A History of Magic? I could do that assignment too?

  Pause. SCORPIUS looks at CRAIG a moment and then walks away. CRAIG exits.

  After a moment SCORPIUS returns with a frown.

  SCORPIUS: Did he say Snape?



  SCORPIUS runs into the Potions classroom, slamming back the door. SEVERUS SNAPE looks up at him.

  SNAPE: Did no one teach you to knock, boy?

  SCORPIUS looks up at SNAPE, slightly breathless, slightly unsure, slightly exultant.

  SCORPIUS: Severus Snape. This is an honor.

  SNAPE: Professor Snape will do fine. You may behave like a king at this school, Malfoy, but that doesn't make us all your subjects.

  SCORPIUS: But you're the answer . . .

  SNAPE: How very pleasant for me. If you've got something to say, boy, then please say it . . . If not, close the door on your way out.

  SCORPIUS: I need your help.

  SNAPE: I exist to serve.

  SCORPIUS: I just don't know what help I -- need. Are you still undercover now? Are you still working secretly for Dumbledore?

  SNAPE: Dumbledore? Dumbledore's dead. And my work for him was public -- I taught in his school.

  SCORPIUS: No. That's not all you did. You watched the Death Eaters for him. You advised him. Everyone thought you'd murdered him -- but it turned out you'd been supporting him. You saved the world.

  SNAPE: These are very dangerous allegations, boy. And don't think the Malfoy name will prevent me inflicting punishment.

  SCORPIUS: What if I was to tell you there was another world -- another world in which Voldemort was defeated at the Battle of Hogwarts, in which Harry Potter and Dumbledore's Army won, how would you feel then . . .

  SNAPE: I'd say that the rumors of Hogwarts's beloved Scorpion King losing his mind are well-founded.

  SCORPIUS: There was a stolen Time-Turner. I stole a Time-Turner. With Albus. We tried to bring Cedric Diggory back from the dead, when he was dead. We tried to stop him winning the Triwizard Tournament. But by doing so we turned him into an almost different person entirely.

  SNAPE: Harry Potter won that Triwizard Tournament.

  SCORPIUS: He wasn't supposed to do it alone. Cedric was supposed to win it with him. But we humiliated him out of the tournament. And as a result of that humiliation he became a Death Eater. I can't work out what he did in the Battle of Hogwarts -- whether he killed someone or -- but he did something and it changed everything.

  SNAPE: Cedric Diggory killed only one wizard and not a significant one -- Neville Longbottom.

  SCORPIUS: Oh, of course, that's it! Professor Longbottom was supposed to kill Nagini, Voldemort's snake. Nagini had to die before Voldemort could die. That's it! You've solved it! We destroyed Cedric, he killed Neville, Voldemort won the battle. Can you see? Can you see it?

  SNAPE: I can see this is a Malfoy game. Get out before I alert your father and plunge you into deep trouble.

  SCORPIUS thinks and then plays his final, desperate card.

  SCORPIUS: You loved his mother. I don't remember everything. I know you loved his mother. Harry's mother. Lily. I know you spent years undercover. I know without you the war could never have been won. How would I know this if I hadn't seen the other world . . . ?

  SNAPE says nothing, overwhelmed.

  Only Dumbledore knew, am I right? And when you lost him you must have felt so alone. I know you're a g
ood man. Harry Potter told his son you're a great man.

  SNAPE looks at SCORPIUS -- unsure what's going on. Is this a trick? He is quite seriously at a loss.

  SNAPE: Harry Potter is dead.

  SCORPIUS: Not in my world. He said you were the bravest man he'd ever met. He knew, you see -- he knew your secret -- what you did for Dumbledore. And he admired you for it -- greatly. And that's why he named his son -- my best friend -- after you both. Albus Severus Potter.

  SNAPE is stopped. He is deeply moved.

  Please -- for Lily, for the world, help me.

  SNAPE thinks and then walks up to SCORPIUS, taking out his wand as he does. SCORPIUS steps back, scared. SNAPE fires his wand at the door.

  SNAPE: Colloportus!

  An invisible lock slams into place. SNAPE opens a hatch at the back of the classroom.

  Well, come on, then . . .

  SCORPIUS: Just a question, but where -- exactly -- are we going?

  SNAPE: We've had to move many times. Everywhere we've settled they destroyed. This will take us to a room hidden in the roots of the Whomping Willow.

  SCORPIUS: Okay, who's we?

  SNAPE: Oh. You'll see.



  SCORPIUS is pinned to the table by a magnificent-looking HERMIONE. Her clothes faded, her eyes blazing, she is full warrior now and it rather suits her.

  HERMIONE: You make one more move and your brain will be a frog and your arms will be rubber.

  SNAPE: Safe. He's safe. (Beat.) You know you never could listen. You were a terrible bore of a student and you're a terrible bore of -- whatever you are.

  HERMIONE: I was an excellent student.

  SNAPE: You were moderate to average. He's on our side!

  SCORPIUS: I am, Hermione.

  HERMIONE looks at SCORPIUS, still very distrustful.

  HERMIONE: Most people know me as Granger. And I don't believe a word you say, Malfoy --

  SCORPIUS: It's all my fault. My fault. And Albus's.

  HERMIONE: Albus? Albus Dumbledore? What's Albus Dumbledore got to do with this?

  SNAPE: He doesn't mean Dumbledore. You may need to sit down.

  RON runs in. His hair spiked. His clothes scruffy. He is slightly less good at the rebel look than HERMIONE is.

  RON: Snape, a royal visit, and -- (he sees SCORPIUS and is immediately alarmed) what's he doing here?