Harry Potter and the Cursed Child/5

  ALBUS/RON: This is all too weird.

  DELPHI/HERMIONE: You were impressive. Good blocking action.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: I don't know whether to high-five you or frown at you for kissing your aunt about five hundred times!

  ALBUS/RON: Ron's an affectionate guy. I was trying to distract her, Scorpius. I did distract her.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: And then there's what your dad said . . .

  DELPHI/HERMIONE: Boys . . . She will be back -- we don't have long.

  ALBUS/RON (to SCORPIUS/HARRY): You heard that?

  DELPHI/HERMIONE: Where would Hermione hide a Time-Turner? (She looks around the room, she sees the bookcases.) Search the bookcases.

  They start to search. SCORPIUS/HARRY looks at his friend, concerned.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: Why didn't you tell me?

  ALBUS/RON: My dad says he wishes I weren't his son. Hardly a conversation starter, is it?

  SCORPIUS/HARRY tries to work out what to say.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: I know the -- Voldemort thing isn't -- true -- and -- you know -- but sometimes, I think I can see my dad thinking: How did I produce this?

  ALBUS/RON: Still better than my dad. I'm pretty sure he spends most of his time thinking: How can I give him back?

  DELPHI/HERMIONE tries to pull SCORPIUS/HARRY towards the bookshelves.

  DELPHI/HERMIONE: Maybe if we could concentrate on the matter at hand.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: My point is, there's a reason we're friends, Albus -- a reason we found each other, you know? And whatever this -- adventure -- is about . . .

  Then he spots a book on the shelf that makes him frown.

  Have you seen the books on these shelves? There are some serious books here. Banned books. Cursed books.

  ALBUS/RON: How to distract Scorpius from difficult emotional issues. Take him to a library.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: All the books from the Restricted Section and then some. Magick Moste Evile. Fifteenth-Century Fiends. Sonnets of a Sorcerer -- that's not even allowed in Hogwarts!

  ALBUS/RON: Shadows and Spirits. The Nightshade Guide to Necromancy.

  DELPHI/HERMIONE: They are quite something, aren't they . . .

  ALBUS/RON: The True History of the Opal Fire. The Imperius Curse and How to Abuse It.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: And lookee here. Whoa. My Eyes and How to See Past Them by Sybill Trelawney. A book on Divination. Hermione Granger hates Divination. This is fascinating. This is a find . . .

  He pulls the book from the shelf. And it falls open. And speaks.

  BOOK: The first is the fourth, a disappointing mark.

  You'll find it in parked but not in park.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: Okay. A book that talks. Bit weird.

  BOOK: The second is the less fair of those that walk on two legs.

  Grubby, hairy, a disease of the egg.

  And the third is both a mountain to climb and a route to take.

  ALBUS/RON: It's a riddle. It's giving us a riddle.

  BOOK: A turn in the city, a glide through a lake.

  DELPHI/HERMIONE: What have you done?

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: I, uh, I opened a book. Something which has -- in all my years on this planet -- never been a particularly dangerous activity.

  The books reach out and grab ALBUS/RON. He only just eludes their grasp.

  ALBUS/RON: What is that?

  DELPHI/HERMIONE: She's weaponized it. She's weaponized her library. This is where the Time-Turner will be. Solve the riddle and we'll find it.

  ALBUS/RON: The first is the fourth. You'll find it in parked, not in park. Ed -- de --

  The books start to try to swallow DELPHI/HERMIONE.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: The second is a disease of the egg, the less fair of those who walk on two legs . . .

  DELPHI/HERMIONE (effusively): Men! De-men . . . tors. We need to find a book on dementors. (The bookcase pulls her in.) Albus!

  ALBUS/RON: Delphi! What is going on?

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: Concentrate, Albus. Do what she said. Find a book on dementors and be very careful.

  ALBUS/RON: Here. Dominating Dementors: A True History of Azkaban.

  The book flies open and swings dangerously at SCORPIUS/HARRY, who has to dodge out of the way. He falls hard against a bookcase which attempts to consume him.

  BOOK: I was born in a cage

  But smashed it with rage

  The Gaunt inside me

  Riddled me free

  Of that which would stop me to be.

  ALBUS/RON: Voldemort.

  DELPHI plunges through the books, back as herself.

  DELPHI: Work faster!

  She's pulled back in, screaming.

  ALBUS/RON: Delphi! Delphi!

  He tries to grab her hand, but she's gone.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: She'd become herself again -- did you notice?

  ALBUS/RON: No! Because I was more worried about her being eaten by a bookcase! Find. Something. Anything on him.

  He finds a book.

  The Heir of Slytherin? Do you think?

  He pulls the book from the shelf, it pulls back, ALBUS/RON is consumed by the bookcase.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: Albus? Albus!!

  But ALBUS/RON is gone.

  Okay. Not that. Voldemort. Voldemort. Voldemort.

  He scans the shelves.

  Marvolo: The Truth, this must be . . .

  He pulls it open. Again it swings away, revealing a splintering light, and a deeper voice than previously heard.

  BOOK: I am the creature you have not seen.

  I am you. I am me. The echo unforeseen.

  Sometimes in front, sometimes behind,

  A constant companion, for we are entwined.

  ALBUS emerges from the books. As himself again.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: Albus . . .

  He tries to grab him.


  ALBUS is violently pulled back into the bookcase.

  SCORPIUS/HARRY: But I can't . . . an invisible echo, what is that? The only thing I'm good at is thinking and when I need to think -- I can't.

  The books pull him inside them; he's powerless. This is terrifying.

  There's silence.

  Then BANG -- a shower of books are released from the bookcase -- and SCORPIUS reemerges. Smashing the books aside.

  SCORPIUS: No! You don't! Sybill Trelawney. No!!!!

  He looks around, sunk but full of energy.

  This is all wrong. Albus? Can you hear me? All this for a frigging Time-Turner. Think, Scorpius. Think.

  Books try and grab him.

  A constant companion. Sometimes behind. Sometimes in front. Hang on. I've missed it. Shadow. You're a shadow. Shadows and Spirits. It must be . . .

  He climbs up the bookcase, which is horrifying as it rises up at him. Grabbing at him with his every step.

  He pulls the book from the shelf. It comes out and the noise and chaos suddenly stop.

  Is that --

  Suddenly there's a smashing and ALBUS and DELPHI fall out of the shelves and down to the floor.

  We beat it. We beat the library.

  ALBUS: Delphi, are you . . . ?

  DELPHI: Wow. Quite a ride.

  ALBUS notices the book SCORPIUS is holding to his chest.

  ALBUS: Is that? Scorpius? What's inside that book?

  DELPHI: I think we should find out, don't you?

  SCORPIUS opens the book. In the center of it -- a spinning Time-Turner.

  SCORPIUS: We've found the Time-Turner -- I never thought we'd get this far.

  ALBUS: Mate, now we've got this, the next stop is saving Cedric. Our journey has only just begun.

  SCORPIUS: Only just begun and it's almost half killed us. Good. This is going to be good.

  Whispers rise to a roar. And we cut to black.



  AUNT PETUNIA: Harry. Harry. These pots aren't clean. THESE POTS ARE A DISGRACE. HARRY POTTER. Wake up.

to see AUNT PETUNIA bearing down on him.

  YOUNG HARRY: Aunt Petunia. What time is it?

  AUNT PETUNIA: Time enough. You know, when we agreed to take you in, we hoped we could improve you -- build you -- make you a decent human being. So I suppose it's only ourselves we've got to blame that you've turned out . . . such a limp disappointment.

  YOUNG HARRY: I try --

  AUNT PETUNIA: Trying is not succeeding though, is it? There are grease smears on the glasses. There are scuff marks on the pots. Now get up and go to the kitchen and get scrubbing.

  He gets out of bed. There's a wet smear down the back of his trousers.

  Oh no. Oh no. What have you done? You've wet the bed, again.

  She pulls back the covers.

  This is very unacceptable.

  YOUNG HARRY: I'm -- sorry, I think I was having a nightmare.

  AUNT PETUNIA: You disgusting boy. Only animals wet themselves. Animals and disgusting little boys.

  YOUNG HARRY: It was about my mum and dad. I think I saw them -- I think I saw them -- die?

  AUNT PETUNIA: And why would I have the slightest bit of interest in that?

  YOUNG HARRY: There was a man shouting Adkava Ad-something Acabra -- Ad -- and the noise of a snake hissing. I could hear my mum scream.

  AUNT PETUNIA takes a moment to reset herself.

  AUNT PETUNIA: If you were really reliving their death, all you'd hear would be a screech of brakes and a horrific thud. Your parents died in a car accident. You know that. I don't think your mother had even time to scream. Lord spare you the details more than that. Now strip those sheets, get in the kitchen, and get scrubbing. I don't want to have to tell you again.

  She exits with a bang.

  And YOUNG HARRY is left holding the sheets.

  And the stage contorts and trees rise as the dream twists into something else entirely.

  Suddenly, ALBUS appears and stands looking at YOUNG HARRY.

  And then, right from the back of the room, Parseltongue whispers around everyone.

  He's coming. He's coming.

  Words said in an unmistakable voice. The voice of VOLDEMORT . . .

  Haaarry Pottttter.



  HARRY wakes in the darkness, breathing deeply. His exhaustion palpable, his fear overwhelming.

  HARRY: Lumos.

  GINNY enters, surprised by the light.

  GINNY: Okay . . . ?

  HARRY: I was sleeping.

  GINNY: You were.

  HARRY: You weren't. Any -- news? Any owls or . . . ?

  GINNY: None.

  HARRY: I was dreaming -- I was under the stairs and then I -- I heard him -- Voldemort -- so clearly.

  GINNY: Voldemort?

  HARRY: And then I saw -- Albus. In red -- he was wearing Durmstrang robes.

  GINNY: Durmstrang robes?

  HARRY thinks.

  HARRY: Ginny, I think I know where he is . . .



  HARRY and GINNY stand in PROFESSOR McGONAGALL's office.

  PROFESSOR McGONAGALL: And we don't know where in the Forbidden Forest?

  HARRY: I haven't had a dream like it for years. But Albus was there. I know he was.

  GINNY: We need to get searching as quickly as possible.

  PROFESSOR McGONAGALL: I can give you Professor Longbottom -- his knowledge of plants might be useful -- and --

  Suddenly there is a rumble in the chimney. PROFESSOR McGONAGALL looks at it, concerned. Then HERMIONE tumbles out.

  HERMIONE: Is it true? Can I help?

  PROFESSOR McGONAGALL: Minister -- this is quite unexpected . . .

  GINNY: That may be my fault -- I persuaded them to put out an emergency edition of the Daily Prophet. Asking for volunteers.

  PROFESSOR McGONAGALL: Right. Very sensible. I expect . . . there will be quite a few.

  RON bursts in. Covered in soot. Wearing a gravy-stained dinner napkin.

  RON: Have I missed anything -- I couldn't work out which Floo to travel to. Ended up in the kitchen somehow. (HERMIONE glares as he pulls the napkin off himself.) What?

  Suddenly there is another rumble in the chimney and DRACO comes down hard, surrounded by cascading soot and dust.

  Everyone looks at him, surprised. He stands and brushes the soot off himself.

  DRACO: Sorry about your floor, Minerva.

  PROFESSOR McGONAGALL: I dare say it's my fault for owning a chimney.

  HARRY: Quite a surprise to see you, Draco. I thought you didn't believe in my dreams.

  DRACO: I don't, but I do trust your luck. Harry Potter is always where the action is at. And I need my son back with me and safe.

  GINNY: Then let's get to the Forbidden Forest and find them both.



  ALBUS and DELPHI face each other, holding wands.

  ALBUS: Expelliarmus!

  DELPHI's wand flies through the air.

  DELPHI: You're getting it now. You're good at this.

  She takes her wand back from him.

  (In a posh voice.) "You're a positively disarming young man."

  ALBUS: Expelliarmus!

  Her wand flies back again.

  DELPHI: And we have a winner.

  The two high-five.

  ALBUS: I've never been good at spells.

  SCORPIUS appears at the back of the stage. He looks at his friend talking to a girl -- and part of him likes it and part of him doesn't.

  DELPHI: I was rubbish -- and then something clicked. And it will for you too. Not that I'm a super witch or anything but -- I think you're becoming quite some wizard, Albus Potter.

  ALBUS: Then you should stick around, teach me more . . .

  DELPHI: Of course I'm sticking around, we're friends, aren't we?

  ALBUS: Yes. Yes. Definitely friends. Definitely.

  DELPHI: Great. Wizzo!

  SCORPIUS: What's wizzo?

  SCORPIUS steps forward decisively.

  ALBUS: Cracked the spell. I mean, it's pretty basic, but I was -- well, I cracked it.

  SCORPIUS (over-enthusiastic, trying to join in): And I've found our way through to the school. Listen, are we sure this will work . . .

  DELPHI: Yes!

  ALBUS: It's a brilliant plan. The secret to not getting Cedric killed is to stop him winning the Triwizard Tournament. If he doesn't win, he can't be killed.

  SCORPIUS: And I understand that, but . . .

  ALBUS: So we just need to mess up his chances supremely badly in task one. The first task is getting a golden egg from a dragon, how did Cedric distract the dragon --

  DELPHI puts her hand in the air. ALBUS grins and points at her. These two are getting on really well now.


  DELPHI: -- by transfiguring a stone into a dog.

  ALBUS: -- well, a little Expelliarmus and he won't be able to do that.

  SCORPIUS isn't enjoying the DELPHI-ALBUS double act.

  SCORPIUS: Okay, two points, first point, we're certain the dragon won't kill him?

  DELPHI: It's always two points with him, isn't it? Of course it won't. This is Hogwarts. They won't let damage happen to any of the champions.

  SCORPIUS: Okay, second point -- more significant point -- we're going back without any knowledge of whether we can travel back afterwards. Which is exciting. Maybe we should just -- try going back an hour, say, first and then . . .

  DELPHI: I'm sorry, Scorpius, we've no time to waste. Waiting here this close to the school is just too dangerous -- I'm sure they'll be looking for you and . . .

  ALBUS: She's right.

  DELPHI: Now, you're going to need to wear these.

  She pulls out two large paper bags. The boys pull robes from them.

  ALBUS: But these are Durmstrang robes.

  DELPHI: My uncle's idea. If you are in Hogwarts robes people will expect to know w
ho you are. But there are two other schools competing at the Triwizard Tournament -- and if you're in Durmstrang robes -- well, you can fade into the background, can't you?

  ALBUS: Good thinking! Hang on, where are your robes?

  DELPHI: Albus, I'm flattered, but I don't think I can pretend to be a student, do you? I'll just keep in the background and pretend to be a -- ooh, maybe I could pretend to be a dragon tamer. You're doing all the spell stuff anyway.

  SCORPIUS looks at her and then at ALBUS.

  SCORPIUS: You shouldn't come.

  DELPHI: What?

  SCORPIUS: You're right. We don't need you for the spell. And if you can't wear student robes -- you're too big a risk. Sorry, Delphi, you shouldn't come.

  DELPHI: But I have to -- he's my cousin. Albus?

  ALBUS: I think he's right. I'm sorry.

  DELPHI: What?

  ALBUS: We won't mess up.

  DELPHI: But without me -- you won't be able to work the Time-Turner.

  SCORPIUS: You taught us how to use the Time-Turner.

  DELPHI is really upset.

  DELPHI: No. I won't let you do this . . .

  ALBUS: You told your uncle to trust us. Now it's your turn. The school is close now. We should leave you here.

  DELPHI looks at them both and takes a deep breath. She nods to herself and smiles.

  DELPHI: Then go. But -- just know this . . . Today you get an opportunity few are given -- today you get to change history -- to change time itself. But more than all that, today you get the chance to give an old man his son back.

  She smiles. She looks at ALBUS. She leans down and gently kisses him on both cheeks.

  She walks away into the woodland. ALBUS stares after her.

  SCORPIUS: She didn't kiss me -- did you notice? (He looks at his friend.) Are you okay, Albus? You look a little pale. And red. Pale and red at the same time.

  ALBUS: Let's do this.



  The forest seems to grow bigger, thicker -- and amongst the trees, people searching, looking for the missing wizards. But slowly people melt away until HARRY is left alone.

  He hears something. He turns to his right.

  HARRY: Albus? Scorpius? Albus?

  And then he hears the sound of hooves. HARRY is startled. He looks around for where the noise is coming from.

  Suddenly BANE steps forward into the light. He is a magnificent centaur.

  BANE: Harry Potter.

  HARRY: Good. You still recognize me, Bane.

  BANE: You've grown older.

  HARRY: I have.

  BANE: But not wiser. For you trespass on our land.

  HARRY: I have always respected the centaurs. We are not enemies. You fought bravely at the Battle of Hogwarts. And I fought beside you.