Cosmos' Promise

Cosmos' Promise

Cosmos Promise 13

  The sound of a throat clearing brought them both back to reality. Turning, Cosmos nodded solemnly to the huge warrior. Brock’s lips curved up at the corner to indicate he understood the situation. He had already informed both of them that RITA2 had notified them of the situation back on Earth and recognized the pain etched in Cosmos’ face.

  Turning, Brock nodded to the two Prime warriors standing guard outside of Teriff’s office. One of the guards spoke briefly into his comlink before he opened the door. Brock stepped through, followed by Cosmos and Terra.

  A dark scowl crossed Brock’s face at the same time as he muttered an even darker oath. “What the hell do you think you are doing here?” He demanded when he saw the petite female with short blond hair streaked with blue sitting in a plush chair near the window.

  “Что это похоже, дорогая? Я здесь, чтобы поддержать космоса. Он спас моих родителей и моих братьев. Я не покинет его в случае необходимости.” What does it look like, sweetheart? I am here to support Cosmos. He saved my parents and my brothers. I will not desert him in his time of need. Helene responded with a raised eyebrow.

  “English,” Brock growled. “You know my translator is not set for your language yet.”

  Helene laughed in delight. “I know. But, I also know that it drives you nuts, so how can I resist?” She responded with a mischievous grin. “I will go. I owe Cosmos much for what he has done for my family.”

  Brock clenched his fists at his side. The crazy Russian female was going to drive him insane. She was always doing things she shouldn’t. He glared at her as she smiled innocently at him, as if she was unaware of the conflicted feelings coursing through him. His eyes jerked to her sister, Natasha, who was sitting back on the couch. Lan stood protectively over her with his hand on her shoulder. Even with the sunlight shining through the window, he could see how pale and thin she was. Her captivity had taken a lot out of the slender woman. Natasha’s eyes dropped to where her hands were folded on her lap. Lan leaned over and murmured softly in her ear. Natasha looked at him briefly before she shook her head and looked out the window instead.

  Cosmos watched as Brock walked over to stand behind the chair where Helene was sitting before turning to look at the others in the room. His throat closed as he took in Terra’s father and brothers standing ready along with Helene and Brock. His eyes widened when he paused on the much smaller figure standing near the window. Angus Bell looked at Cosmos for a moment before he straightened his shoulders, crossed his arms, and gave Cosmos a brief nod. The look of determination on the face of the normally placid husband, father, and writer showed he was not going to stand aside while Ava Raines was in trouble.


  Teriff looked at those gathered in his office. His eyes dwelled briefly on his daughter’s face. Her eyes shimmered with love, grief, and hope. He bowed his head just enough to let her know that he heard her unspoken plea for help. His heart was heavy as he thought of Ava Raines’ loss. He had listened to the Bell women talk of Cosmos over the past several months and his respect for the male had grown the more he learned about him. All he had to do was look at Terra to know his daughter was happy.

  Cosmos stood next to her with a protective arm wrapped around her waist. The male looked pale but composed. There was a cold calm that spoke of a true warrior under the deceptively boyish appearance.

  “It is time to declare war on the human male who has caused so much grief,” Teriff announced. “The man has taken Cosmos parents, killing his father and leaving his mother not only without her mate for protection but threatening to kill her as well.”

  “I have already demanded the Right of Justice against him for his attack on my mate,” Mak said straightening up from where he was leaning against the back wall.

  “Mak,” Tansy said, laying her hand on the huge warrior’s arm. “I don’t give a damn about justice. I just want the asshole dead.”

  Mak glared at his mate before his eyes softened. “I will not allow you to go on this mission with us,” he said quietly.

  Tansy rolled her eyes. “You couldn’t stop me if I wanted to go,” she said dryly, ignoring his soft growl of protest. “That said – no, I will not be going. I still tire easily, I’m pregnant, and I would be a weak link to all of you as you would spend more time trying to protect me than attacking Avilov and his men. But, that does not mean I can’t be a part of the planning or know what is going on. I know Avilov better than anyone. I was his ‘girlfriend’ after all before I tried to kill him,” she added, drawing another menacing growl from her mate.

  Borj nodded. “That is true, Mak. With respect, Tansy, I would be beholden to you if you would stay close to my mate while we are gone,” he asked quietly. “Tilly and mother will be with her but I would like for someone of your experience to also be close by.”

  “No problem, Borj,” Tansy said with a smile. “I’ve been protecting my big sis for a long time and don’t plan on stopping now,” she added, ignoring Mak’s muttered threats to tie her up when he got her back home again.

  J’kar stood next to his father with his arms crossed over his massive chest. “Tink said she was heading over to your and Hannah’s home with Tilly and mother when I talked to her earlier,” he told Borj. “She will take the girls there. I have assigned extra guards to protect them during our absence.”

  Teriff nodded and turned to look at Cosmos who had been quietly listening to everything. “You have information about the area? There will be eight – nine of us,” Teriff corrected with a frown of disapproval as he looked at Terra. “Lan, you will remain and have a team ready in case something goes wrong. I will…” Teriff broke off when the comlink on his desk signaled an incoming message. The guard outside the door alerted him that there were additional visitors at the door.

  Everyone turned to watch as the door opened. Core, Hendrik, Brawn, Bullet, and Gant walked through it followed by Derik who looked tired as he quietly slipped behind Cosmos and Terra. Core’s face was dark as his eyes swept around the room, noting all the warriors gathered before turning to look suspiciously at Teriff.

  “What is the meaning of this?” Teriff demanded as the warriors stopped just inside the door.

  Core scowled at Teriff. “I was told to report to your office as were the others. I think I have the right to demand what the meaning of this is more so than you,” he growled out.

  Terra’s soft gasp echoed throughout the room drawing everyone’s attention to the middle of the room where a glowing shape was slowly forming. The apparition was fuzzy at first before it slowly became almost solid looking.

  “Holy shit, it’s a ghost!” Tansy said moving instinctively in front of Mak in an effort to protect him.

  Mak snarled and picked Tansy up gently by the waist and set her behind him. He glared at her for a fraction of a second before he turned and positioned himself in front of her. Tansy grimaced when he snapped at her to stay put when she tried to get around him so she could see the figure better.

  “What?” She retorted. “It’s a habit to be up front.”

  “Well, break it!” Mak bit out in frustration. “I protect you, not the other way around from now on.”

  “Whatever!” Tansy snorted as her eyes widened as the figure became clearer. “Holy hell. It’s Grandma Bell come back to haunt us!”

  “Mom?” Angus whispered pushing his glasses up onto his nose as he stared at the apparition of his mother.

  The peal of husky laughter echoed in the room. “No honey. It’s me, RITA2,” the figure said as it turned to look at Cosmos with a mischievous grin. “I called the boys in. RITA and I wanted to make sure you had some kick-ass help. I saw what they did at the fortress. These bad boys have enough muscle to take on half of Hong Kong.”

  Chapter 17

  After the uproar and subsequent fascination of finding out RITA2 had discovered a way to create a three-dimensional holographic image of herse
lf, the meeting progressed fairly quickly. Core and the other warriors quickly sobered when they were given the information about what was happening. The knowledge that the man was also responsible for Merrick’s disappearance and probably knew of his location helped.

  Core explained briefly that they were able to rescue five women that were taken. Hendrik then spoke up, explaining that three of the women had discovered their bond mates among the men who had taken them. The other men were turned over to their clans for discipline.

  “What of the other skimmer that my men were pursuing?” Cosmos asked, concerned with the lack of information about Rico and Garrett.

  RITA2’s lush figure turned drawing the attention of all the men. It didn’t help that she was wearing a 1920’s flapper dress that swirled with beads and showed off ample breasts and a set of stunning legs.

  “Down boys, I’m just an image,” RITA2 giggled.

  “But what an image,” Brawn muttered as his eyes flickered back and forth, watching the fringed hem giving out peeks of slender thighs.

  Angus cleared his throat. “That is my mom – I mean – oh hell. Couldn’t you have picked a different image?” He grumbled. “This brings back memories of all my friends wanting a date with my ‘sister’! Do you know what it was like having to explain it was my mom they were eyeing?”

  RITA2 chuckled. “You poor baby. It was either this or Tilly and RITA is working on that one. Now, to answer your question, Cosmos, I lost contact with Garrett and Rico about ten hours ago. The MFVs power was depleted. The solar cells should be charging now. They had landed in a sparsely covered tundra to the north. It’s a good thing those damn suits you created are environmentally controlled or they would be freezing their asses off.”

  Hendrik grimaced. “Those responsible must be from my clan then. It will be difficult for your men to survive where my clan lives. It is best to forget the female. The warriors who took her will not release her. They will kill your men first before they do that.”

  Cosmos’ mouth tightened. “My men will not leave her. They are more adaptable than you realize. Why would your men kidnap a defenseless woman?” He asked, his heart wrenching as he thought of his own mother’s terror right now.

  Hendrik shook his head in remorse. “My people are getting desperate. There are few females in my clan. Few can tolerate the ice and snow for long periods of time. The men grow restless as they become more desperate.”

  “Его люди должны посетить Россию в течение зимы, не так ли Наташа? Женщины там не только показать ему, как жить в холодную погоду, но удар их высокомерным ослов думая, что они не могли справиться с этим.” His men need to visit Russia during the winter, isn’t that right, Natasha? The women there would not only show him how to live in cold weather, but kick their arrogant asses for thinking they couldn’t handle it, Helene said dryly to her sister.

  A ghost of a smile curved Natasha’s lips as she looked at her sister. “да,” Yes. Natasha answered softly.

  “English,” Brock growled out in frustration as he rubbed Helene’s shoulder. “Please.”

  “She was just pointing out that Hendrik’s men were looking in the wrong place if they wanted women who could handle their climate. They need to visit a few of the northern climates on Earth. Russia, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, and Alaska are just a few. From my readings of the planet, it isn’t that much different. Hell, even the scientists living in Antarctica live in a harsher environment than Hendrik’s clan,” RITA2 replied looking at her nails that were switching through a variety of brilliant colors and nail designs.

  Hendrik’s eyes widened then narrowed as he looked at Helene with a speculative look. Brock moved out from where he was standing behind Helene and emitted a low, challenging growl at the look. His hand moved to the short laser sword at his side.

  “She is mine,” he warned the huge Northern clan leader.

  “But there are others?” Hendrik asked with a grim smile.

  “Brock – Hendrik!” Teriff’s sharp voice broke through the tense standoff between the two men. “Hendrik, I will discuss ways to help your clan after we rescue Cosmos’ mother and get Merrick back,” he paused a moment before he placed his hand over his heart. “You have my word.”

  Hendrik broke eye contact with Brock so he could look at Teriff. The Prime Leader’s face showed no hint of deception. Hendrik took a step back and bowed his head in acknowledgement.

  “Agreed,” he said heavily before he turned to look at Cosmos. “What is your plan of attack on this human? And do I get to kill?” He asked with a sharp-tooth grin. “I am feeling my own frustrations at not having a mate and need to work off some of it.”

  Cosmos straightened up and looked around the room. “There are two situations going down. Avilov, who is in Hong Kong, has murdered my… father and has my mother as a hostage. According to the preliminary information I have, he has almost forty men with him at the warehouse where he has taken my parents. I want to bring both of them home,” he said heavily looking around at the men listening. “The second situation is the warehouse I call home and where I have my labs. Avilov has a team ready to infiltrate it the moment I leave. He wants not only my equipment but he wants Terra as well.”

  Teriff’s eyes flashed in fury at the mention of the man wanting to harm his daughter. “Bullet and Gant will take those approaching your warehouse while the rest of us go after your parents.”

  Cosmos shook his head. “I have a team that can take care of my place. The problem is getting them there in time. I have less than sixteen hours to be in Hong Kong and I need Avilov to think I’m en-route so his people need to see me leave the warehouse. I’ll use the Gateway to transport back to here then to Hong Kong so I can get a better idea and plan of attack. I want the team coming after me to see Terra sending me off. The moment I leave, she will transport back here and wait for me. RITA and my team can handle Avilov’s team in Maine. They will be good but I guarantee not as dangerous as the group in Hong Kong. I think it best if we have all the warriors we can there,” he explained quietly. “Avilov has a man named Afon Dolinski. He is extremely dangerous. He would keep his best, most dangerous men close to his boss.”

  “I will go to your warehouse to help your men,” Derik said quietly from the corner where he had been standing. “It is best to have at least one Prime warrior there. We cannot take a chance of your team failing and Avilov taking possession of the Gateway.”

  Teriff looked at his youngest son. He had become quieter, more withdrawn, yet focused over the past few months. He had confronted him about what happened that night at the warehouse but all Derik would say was that he had killed two of the men in the alley but the third person he was chasing had escaped.

  “Agreed,” Teriff said with a reluctant nod. His son was no longer a boy but a warrior.

  Cosmos turned to look at Derik with a nod of thanks before looking back at Teriff. “I need to use the Gateway to bring my team in, otherwise they won’t make it in time.”

  “They can be trusted?” Teriff asked with a frown at the idea of so many human males in his world at one time. It was bad enough that he had two of them here without his knowledge until just a few minutes ago. “I do not want them to have a portable device.”

  “They won’t and they can be trusted,” Cosmos assured him. He turned and looked at Terra who had been standing silently beside him, his island of strength in the storm that was threatening to consume him. “Let’s get going. I want to bring my family home.”

  Teriff stepped out from around the desk he had been standing behind. He placed his hand on Cosmos’ shoulder and squeezed it. Cosmos looked in the flaming eyes and saw the resolve in them.

  “Your mother will be brought here,” Teriff ordered quietly. “She will not be without family.”

  Cosmos’ throat closed up at the solemn promise. “Thank you,??
? he replied quietly before turning toward the door. “RITA2, lock on Jason’s position.”

  “All set, honey,” RITA2 replied. “Good luck and be safe.”

  Chapter 18

  “I think that went better than you were expecting,” Terra said softly as she watched Jason and Derik talking quietly while Jason pointed out where his men would set up in preparation for the attack on the warehouse.

  They were making the final arrangements before they left for Baade then Hong Kong. Cosmos, Terra, and Derik had appeared in the staging room in the New York compound a little less than an hour ago. To say they had startled the shit out of Jason and his men would be an understatement. It was only the fact that Jason was well versed in Cosmos’ penchant for inventions that stopped him from opening fire. That didn’t mean that the three of them weren’t greeted with enough firepower to start World War III.

  It had taken several minutes before the men relaxed their guard. The fact that both Derik and Terra had flaming silver eyes blazing and were trying to protect Cosmos, Derik better than Terra as Cosmos kept pushing her behind him, didn’t help much until Cosmos barked out an order to lower their arms.

  “Don’t you ever stand between me and a gun again,” Cosmos said sternly before he brushed a kiss to soften his words. “You scared the hell out of me. I thought you were going to rip Jason a new one.”

  “He should not point things at you that can hurt you then,” she responded looking back over at the handsome man.

  “Handsome?” Cosmos asked with a raised eyebrow. “You think he’s handsome?”

  Terra flushed and looked up into the dark burning eyes glowering down at her. “You are not jealous, are you?” She asked in surprise. “He is handsome but I am only observing that because it is true, not because I have any desire to be with him.”

  Cosmos glared at one of the soldiers walking by who was studying Terra with more than a little interest. He pulled her down the corridor toward his bedroom. Too much had happened and he needed a moment alone with her. Shutting the door to his room, he pulled her close to him.